Power of the Heart Workshop

The heart is the first organ to function after conception. It gives us universal characteristic, whilst the brain gives us individual characteristic. Our heart holds the key to bonding with others. Learn to journey into your heart, as it is beautifully explained in HeartMath.  Gift yourself with the experience of coming Home to the place of Peace deep within you. Come to know your wisest friend, your greatest teacher,  your deepest experience of inner Peace, your Essence. You will fall in love with your Self.



- Heart-powered tools for replacing patterns that drain our life force such as fear, stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

- How to access your heart’s intelligence for making the best choices in each situation.

- Demystifying the practice of inner stillness, to take the struggle out of quieting the mind.

- How to practice deep compassion without draining your systems resources.

- Thoughts regarding soul connection and the higher capacities of your true self.

- Easier ways to align with your purpose; how certain passions can fool us regarding purpose.

Conscious Cooking with power of love energy

This cooking course is designed to teach students how to use the power of love energy to create delicious and healthy meals. Students will learn how to create nourishing meals that are infused with love energy, which can help to increase their overall health and happiness. The course will focus on teaching students how to use natural ingredients in order to create meals that are full of love and positive energy. 

The course will also cover topics such as mindful eating, understanding the power of love energy, and how to use it to create healing meals. 


Along with learning the basics of cooking, students will also learn how to use the energy of love to enhance their lives and the lives of those around them.