The Lightbody

Put simply, the light body is our vehicle to graduate from the human condition to return to source. If the goal of each soul is to merge with God, then the activation of our light body is what gets us there.

If our heart opens and the lightbody get activated we live a fulfilled life of love and bliss, we have direct access to the universe to manifest all we want. We activate our self healing,  diseases getting automatically healed and we shining from inside out and stopping aging. 


The truest vibration of the universe is ecstasy. Though it’s through pain that we experience separation from God, it’s in the triumphant return to him where we grow the most.

We’ve not only been taught that feeling good is bad, but we’ve also been taught to actively block joy. Through the media we watch, the food we eat, the medication we’re thrust, feeling depressed is force-fed to us, and not subliminally. Watch any big pharma commercial to hear blatantly stated, “You don’t feel good and something is wrong with you.”

Maintaining the frequency necessary to achieve ascension is challenging. The light body can stay activated for long periods, getting us closer to ultimate enlightenment, but this final achievement of the rainbow body is intentionally difficult. The good news: there are documented cases in the ancient texts of at least 160,000 souls achieving this feat. If they were able to do it in their day, we are so much closer to the current incarnations of evolved souls on this planet.


How to Activate the Light Body

Your light body is a vehicle to assist you in experiencing your God state and it’s the most worthy gift you can give yourself. Don’t beat yourself up: do your best, stay in your truth and heal missteps as they occur. Intention matched with frequency will be the surest path to ascension. Below, I share a few steps for activation:


Opening Your Heart Center

Anahata controls the love energy in the body. On a physical level, the heart chakra responds to the heart, lungs, immune system, and muscles of the upper body. On a spiritual level, opening the heart chakra fills you with love, forgiveness, and compassion. 


Raise Your Vibration

Vibration and purity of intention must be in place before undergoing the activations. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Pineal Gland Decalcification

Decalcification of the pineal gland is mandatory for us to achieve higher states of awareness. Fluoride intentionally shuts down the pineal gland, supporting the suppression of its importance. Be conscious of your work to facilitate this healing.



The food we eat carries cellular vibrations and memories. Do you know how was your meal gathered, treated and prepared? While a straight vegetarian diet may be the most optimal, small changes like non-GMO, organic and sustainably raised animal products will go a long way.

Additionally, bless your food. Ask that the vibration match you and serve you exactly where you are now.


Meditation/ Prayer

Every breath is a prayer. Use your thoughts to connect to the universe and give gratitude for everything. Meditation will also bring us into the stillness within, where we can connect with the wisdom of our own hearts.


Music & Sound Frequencies

Sound is the language of the cosmos. The right music, binaural beats, classical music or even heavy metal at the right moment can break up stagnant energy and alleviate any low-vibrational thoughts.




Time outdoors is the most fundamental ally to change your frequency. Commune with nature to remember the rhythm and timing of the universe which is vastly different than our human drive for instant gratification.


The Sun

The sun has been a boon of humanity in every world culture. Get yourself some Vitamin D to lift any funk and stimulate the pineal gland chakra.


Be Clear

Dishonesty and addiction are detractors from this work. To be pure light in an active light body means holding purity in our thoughts, will, and intention.

Be impeccable with your word and heal what clouds your mind, allowing more light to penetrate.