It is said that the heart spirit, the shen, is a spark of the fire of heaven that is bestowed on us by the stars when we are born. In the Chinese, Vedic and Hebrew traditions it is known that this spirit resides in the center of the heart. The shen guides the heavenly spark into expression of our purist potential. It is the seat of inspiration, insight, awareness and compassion.


The heart is the first organ to function after conception. It gives us universal characteristic, whilst the brain gives us individual characteristic. Our heart holds the key to bonding with others. Learn to journey into your heart, as it is beautifully explained in HeartMath.  Gift yourself with the experience of coming Home to the place of Peace deep within you. Come to know your wisest friend, your greatest teacher,  your deepest experience of inner Peace, your Essence. You will fall in love with your Self.


Guiding back into biophysics, the heart generates the body’s most powerful and most extensive rhythmic electromagnetic field. Compared to the electromagnetic field produced by the brain, the electrical component of the heart’s field is about 60 times greater in amplitude and permeates every cell in the body.  Studies show that this powerful electromagnetic field can be detected and measured several feet away from a person’s body.