Monthly Subscriptions

There are three levels of subscription plus personal Star Mentorship. Choose whichever is right for you

Healing subscription - £15.50 pm   

1 session of distance healing per week every week of your membership - Regular healing sessions at an incredible price.  (A single 1-1 treatment costs £45 and you'll get 4 distance sessions a month!)

Meditation Subscription - £22.50 pm 

1 session of distance healing per week PLUS 

1 downloadable meditation each month.


Mentorship Subscription- £65.00 pm  

Whether you have a desire to learn new skills or knowledge, receive guidance and wisdom for decision-making, or somebody to hold you accountable in the ways you engage with yourself and the world around you, I am able to help you. This subscription level is a great way to start expanding your ability to meditation and develop spiritually. 

I will assist you towards reaching your fullest potential.  We will meet online via Skype or Zoom once each month for a 1-2-1 mentoring session lasting one hour. 


Star Mentorship -   £125.00 pm  

If you would like personal Spiritual Mentorship which includes two personal Mentoring sessions each month with Karen (face-to-face, Skype,  Messenger or phone) in addition to weekly distance healing and full access to all Mini-courses and downloads, this is for you.  This level of Mentoring will require you to be committed to learning, change and transformation.  This option is not available without a conversation first, so please message me to book our exploratory chat.

(Subscribers will be requested to supply information for healing via an email form.)

Pets  You may add regular weekly healing sessions for one pet to your subscription free of charge.