Heart power healing is an intuitive quantum energy healing using the universal life force and unconditional love. Diana carry thethe zeropoint energy and she has direct access to the knowledge and power of higher realms. Diana is using her gift  to reconnect you to your true power, your inner light, your authentic lovely being, trough holistic and ancient technics. 


Behind a physical illness there is generally a mental-emotional condition. To heal the underlying cause as well as the physical symptom, you’ll need a method of intervention that changes the energy stored in the chakra system.

Healing is a replacing of your energy field, heart and aura with the energy which comes from the Healer. I named it Heartpower Healing, you’re circulating the client’s energy through your heart to connect chakras that have become weak. It heals, upliftet and renews your energetic body and reconnect you to your soul. Nothing will change, until you change your Energy and when you change your Energy, you raise and change your life. 



Heart and Aura cleaning & Harmonizing

Chakra cleaning & Harmonizing

Earth & Sky Connection

Male & Female Balancing

Heart & Mind Balancing

Energy Transmission 



ca. 90min


Energy Exchange

USD 111.00