Healing simply means to reconnect you to your true power, your inner light, your authentic lovely being, trough holistic and ancent technics. If you are heald and open your heart you live a fulfilled life of love, freedom and happieness.

Energy healing is an important part of it, it’s a replacing of your energy field or aura with a higher energy witch comes from the healer The healer has a higher Energy and Access to higher realms to transmit to the person and replace it with the old one. 

Everything is energy, everything is frequency, everything is sound and and everything is connected. The water in the ocean and the clouds in the sky. The trees and the animals. you, me, and the world around us. We are Energy.

Energy cleansing is not something we do just once. It is an ongoing activity. Because most of us are not educated in good energy maintenance, as we walk through our days we are bombarded with other people’s energy in the form of thoughts or emotions. If we could see all this churning energy that is not being managed but just flung all over the place, it would probably be like walking through a strange metaphysical stew. Your energy body is sticky and things cling to it. If you don’t practice good energy hygiene, you will experience other people’s random energy clinging to you without you knowing it. That energy then affects you, perhaps even changes you, in ways that you aren’t conscious of and haven’t chosen.

1 to 1 Angelic Blue Ray Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing

Energy healing is an energetic harmonizing of your whole system, used to reduce stress and anxiety and promote well-being. 
The goal of my energy healing is to balance the energy flow in your body,  using the energy of unconditional love 528hrz and cosmic power.  and awaken you to your higher purpose and spiritual gifts. 
It’s a energetic harmonizing of your whole system.
It cleans your body, boost your immune system and brings you step by step back to your real power, inner peace and happiness.

Aura cleaning & Harmonizing - Chakra cleaning & Harmonizing - Earth & Sky Connection - Male & Female Balancing - Heart & Mind Balancing
Energy Transmission 
ca. 120min


Energy Exchange

USD 111.00 

Distance Angelic Blue Ray Energy Healing & Transmission

Distance healing is any form of healing energy "sent" across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. With this type of work, you do not have to be physically present with the healer to receive the healing. It may be done over the phone or at a special time set aside and agreed upon between you and the practitioner. The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time and does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner.


 Aura cleaning & Harmonizing - Chakra cleaning & Harmonizing - Earth & Sky Connection - Male & Female Balancing - Heart & Mind Balancing

Energy Transmission





Energy Exchange

USD 111.00

Diana's Blue Ray Power of the Eyes

Diana's Eye - Gazing is a very powerful and intense tool of healing, because it helps you to see yourselves as who you really are. Directly challenges the illusion of separation and gives you the opportunity to directly experience our fundamental unity. At the energetic level, powerful healing waves can be felt throughout the room, encouraging a sense of deep unity with with everything that is.



The benefits of eye gazing


  1. Eye gazing helps boost our confidence, improves self-esteem and develops self-awareness.
  2. It’s an opportunity to become present and experience the true essence of another.
  3. We face ourselves and our fears head-on.
  4. By transcending the physical form, it helps us break down barriers and let go of judgements about ourselves and others. We look at the world with a different perspective, often entering an entirely different realm.
  5. Although non-verbal, it can improve communication and compassion. 


60 min (Eye Gazing 20 min)


Energy Exchange

USD 155.00

Space Energy Cleaning & Upgrade

Clearing the energies in your home or business is an important aspect of creating a harmonious environment.

In addition to the smudging, I use different methods to clear negative and stuck energies.

After a house clearing, people typically report to have a better sleep, feel more at peace and happy in their home. If there has been a dramatic event in the house, or turbulences in the family dynamic, those get immediately transformed and healed.



The following situations are appropriate times to space cleanse:

  • When moving into a new space 
  • After a roommate or companion moves out
  • After a strong argument or fight in the house or office, after a divorce or break-up
  • If you feel that your business is struggling
  • After an illness or death
  • After a robbery or invasion of any sort at your house
  • Anytime you desire fresh energy for a new project or beginning
  • If you or your children don’t sleep well, or have numerous nightmares
  • If you suspect the presence of a ghost or other malevolent energy in your home, or if things just don’t feel “right”

1h Cleaning

ab USD 111.00

t h e  m o r e   e n e r g y  t h e  h i g h e r   t h e   f r e q u e n c y

for low budget there is allways a solution, please ask me, i'am happy to help you.

As awakening to her true nature, Diana received a healing gift of unconditional love and blue ray 1 power. Therefore she has direct access to the knowledge and power of god and higher realms, working with angels.

She is here to empower the planet, to awaken humanity to their higher purpose and spiritual gifts and to raise the vibrational frequency of Gaia. 

Nothing will change, until you change your Energy and when you change your Energy, you will change your life. Let me reconnect you to the magical power of our existence.


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  • #10

    Daniel (Dienstag, 01 Juni 2021 11:01)

    Diana steht im Zeichen der Liebe und ihr Licht ist Gottes Segen.

    Durch ihren Energieausgleich konnten und haben sich Blockaden in mir gelöst, wodurch meine Energie wieder in Harmonie und voller Liebe fließen konnte.

    Diana hat mich im übertragenen Sinne aufgeweckt. In der darauffolgenden Zeit kam es nämlich zu mehreren Ereignissen, die mich zu der Erkenntnis gebracht haben, wer ich bin und für was ich stehe.

    Ich danke Gott, dem Schöpfer von allem, dass sich unsere Wege zueinander geführt haben und natürlich dir Diana, dass es dich gibt, für dein Sein, für das was du verkörperst - Liebe & Licht - und dass du die Menschheit durch Inspiration in eine positive Richtung führst.

    In ewiger Liebe und Dankbarkeit,


  • #9

    Manu (Mittwoch, 28 April 2021 13:57)

    Liebe Diana, nachdem du mir erstmals erklärt hast was du tun worst und welches die Schritte sind, hast du die Behandlung unglaublich liebevoll und sehr angenehm gestaltet. Die positiven Energien fliessen durch den Körper und geben unglaublich viel Kraft.
    Vielen Dank dafür! Immer wieder gerne! Feste Umarmung!

  • #8

    André (Mittwoch, 14 April 2021 17:05)

    Ich bin seit 2 Monaten in Behandlung bei Diana und kann sagen das sich einiges positiv verändert hat in meinem Leben.
    Ich hatte Anfangs schwere depressive Schübe ca 2-3 mal in der Woche.
    Dies hat sich bereits nach den ersten Behandlungen enorm verbessert und ich war ausgeglichener und positiver.
    Die Behandlung selbst war sehr angenehm und überraschend. Man spürte den Energiefluss mit dem Diana arbeitet und die Leichtigkeit im Körper. Ich würde die Behandlung auf jeden Fall weiter empfehlen für jeden der in einer schwierigen Phase ist, mit Angst oder Depressionen kämpft, oder auch so als Unterstützung im Leben.
    Vielen Dank von Herzen❤️

  • #7

    Pascal (Freitag, 04 Dezember 2020 12:29)

    I booked Diana’s Energy Healing. First I was skeptical, but after the session I felt deeply connected to my self and lost anxiety. The energy healing helped me to deal with very intense emotions triggered by circumstances out of my control. Thanks for guiding me to my inner peace!

  • #6

    Dani (Samstag, 24 Oktober 2020 21:57)

    Es war wunderbar! Mein Körper hat so viel neue Energie geschöpft! Die Behandlung war außergewöhnlich!!! Immer wieder gerne!

  • #5

    Georgios (Freitag, 23 Oktober 2020 12:55)

    Thank you from my soul for your company, calm and positive aura. I honestly relaxed and hadc a good time. be blessed. thank you very much. to have wellness and full of health, mental, physical, spiritual.����☘

  • #4

    Manon (Freitag, 23 Oktober 2020 12:51)

    Hi Diana thanks for the msg! I am already back safely in Munich. I feel great, have been since the treatment � It was meaningful to meet you Diana. All the best for your healing path! ❤️❤️❤️

  • #3

    Om (Freitag, 23 Oktober 2020 12:47)

    You do have healing hands... I felt so calmed after. Really grateful with you sharing your energy with me.

  • #2

    Vikrant (Freitag, 23 Oktober 2020 12:45)

    Firstly, thank you for helping me with the Healing . endless gratitude.
    it was first time for me to do a session like this and I must say it does feel good about it and its been 5 days and i am finding little change .
    i have mentioned the experience i had in few points , hope this helps me to explain my own experience.

    the entire session was in 4 parts.
    just a note. before we did the session, you had already explained me what will happen and also time it will take including post reflection after the session that it will take days or even weeks .
    part 1
    you asked me some personal questions, or let me open up a bit to myself and to you . this already was a godo experience to calm me down and reflect on small moments in current stage of my life. i think at that point i was already focused what is necessary and what is not much for me to worry about.
    Part 2
    the actual session . it was quiet an experience for me , also because it was first time however i was extremely comfortable because the space you had created and also the trust and energy exchange we have . i knew i was in safe hands . the actual session i guess i was fallen a sleep , i felt very warm and also kind of in deep moments somehow instead of reflecting on issues i had no views at that moment during the entire session . i was in deep space which was very comforting emotionally and physically .
    the breathing in the beginning helped me to focus on slowness and slow breathing . i always feel this is very important however i always tend to forget. during this session i was with my breatng and aware of every breath . what a beautiful experience

    part 3
    this is just after the session with you . you left the room and gave me some time to get back to normal. was still not ready to even stand or think or talk . this lasted for few moments and was amazing to slowly come back .
    you some how knew i needed water . needed no toot think or hold on to some good thoughts.

    overall it was great experience , a kind experience and echange of energies . it was one of the most t holistic experiences i have had for a log time and i truly am thankful to you .

  • #1

    Sarah (Mittwoch, 30 September 2020 16:39)

    My healing journey with Diana was absolutely beautiful, calming and RESTORATIVE! I felt that Diana uses the gift given to her to feel energies in a very subtle way. Deeply connected to her intuition and the present moment she guided me into a state of deep relaxation in which my whole nervous system got gently recovered from weeks loaded with stress.
    Thank you so much for the session! I can definitely recommend everyone to meet Diana and experience a transformative journey ❤️� see you soon �