Connect to Your Heart & Discover Your Light!

On the outside your life looks picture perfect, but you know inside you feel alone, confused, and empty, like you just can’t reconnect to the spark you used to have. You feel stretched in all areas of life and you feel like you over give and don’t receive enough. You’re giving it all that you’ve got, and you know that even that isn’t enough to obtain the life you once knew or thought you would have by this time in your life. 

You realize that….

  • You’ve given up on your self-care
  • You constantly binge watch a show to numb yourself out, 
  • You don’t fully trust the universe/God anymore
  • You’ve stopped actively manifesting and praying
  • You feel that fear creeps about whether this is really as good as its going to get
  • You don’t connect with your partner on a deep level anymore
  • You don’t feel in your feminine anymore and you are not in your flow energy
  • Your relationship has become all about chores and schedules between the two of you and it’s not about shared experiences anymore, and you wonder if things will ever get better between the two of you.