Breakfast standard

Balinese Tea 

Fresh Juice 

Lemon Water (inclusive)


Rainbow Fruit Bowl | Ginger Sirup

Crispy Oat Porridge | Ayuvedic Spices

Selection of Bali Fruits | roastet Melon Seads

Classical Omlett (vegan or egg) Tomatoes | Balinese Jungel Herbs

Eggs on Choice

Fried Rice Bali Style | dried Nuts & Fruits 

Bubur Ayam (Balinese Rice Porridge)

Black Sticky Rice | Coconut | Banana

selection of Cheese and Ham

Choice of Bread 

Breakfast deluxe

Coconut Water 

fresh Orange Juice

mixed Juice

Balinese Tea


Lemon Water (free)


Deluxe Fruit Platter | Magic Bliss decoration

Rainbow Smoothie Bowl | Peanut Butter | Ashwanganda

Golden Overnight Oats | Cinnamon Apple | Turmeric Caramel

Anahata Chia Pudding | Matcha | Coconut Joghurt | wild Berries

Matzo granola with coconut, cashew & cranberry

Deep fried Kalimatan Jungel Banana

Black Sticky Balinese Rice | Coconut | Banana

deluxe Selection of Cheese and Ham 

Deluxe Omlett (vegan or egg) Tomatoes | Balinese Jungel Herbs

Eggs on Choice

deluxe Selection of Homemade Bread



Bali Bliss Bruschetta Suprise

Antipasti Salat with Papaya Pesto | Peanuts | Love

Lukewarm Tomato Mango Salad | healing Herbs | Coconut Love

Marinated Vegetables oven roasted | Burrata

Mixed Balinese healing Leaf | Beetroot | Papaya | Nuts and caramelized Goat Cheese 

Olive & Tomatoe Bread Crumble | Orange | Jungel Herbs | Feta Cheese Topping (vegan choice)

Jungle Cevice I Lemongras I Chili

Tempura crispy Seafood | wild jungle Majonaise| coconut Oil I healing Herbs


Colours of the raw Ocean (Sushi & Sashimi Miracle Plate) +20


Bliss surprise Shot with Curry Bubble

French Onion Soup | crispy cheese cracker

Coconut Soup I Soba Nudeln

Campagner Soup |

Bali Lemongrass Soup | scallops | crispy Tempee I Love

Healing Jungel Herbs Soup | Bread Cracker

Pumpkin Orange Soup ¦ Quinoa Chrunch ¦ Love

Cosmic Cornsoup | Kurkuma Chrunch | Salat Burito

Andalusian summer Gazpacho | cold pressed Oliveoil, roastet Breadcrumbs | Mango





Colorful roasted Vegetables | Quinoa | healing Herbs Pesto | Passionfruit | caramelized Nuts

Colourfull Ginger Curry with Vegetables | Greens | black Rice and Cocos Foam

Entertaining burritos served als magical big Plate

Marinated Vegetables oven roasted | backed feta cheese | healing herbs | rostet watermelon

Homemade Linguini | Grilled Antipasti with Papaya Pesto, Peanuts, Love

Tempura crispy vegetable Picatta | mashed sweet potatoe | coconut Oil I healing Herbs

Thai Broccoli | Vegetables sweet sour | magic Noodle




Melting Duck-breast | green Curry Risotto | Rambutan (vegan on choice) 

Beef ¦ Champagne Risotto ¦ Rucola I grilled Tomatoes (vegan on choice)

Coq au Vin | Ratatouille Mandala | Potato (vegan on choice) 

Beef ¦ sautéed Potato ¦ Truffle Mushrooms | Vegetables (vegan on choice

Hot Thai Papaya Salad | Sweet Potato | roasted Duck-breast

Lamb chops | Kurkuma Orange Polenta ¦ Ginger beans | Love (vegan on choice)

Chicken Breast | Sesame Spinach I oven roasted Potatoes (vegan on choice)





Wild Mussels ala Diana | black Bread | Orange Bubble

Mediterranean Pasta | Thunfish | Olives | Basil | Nuts  | Love

Mixed Seafood | Colourful roasted Vegetables | healing Herbs | Passionfruit | Nuts

 Catch of Balis Day | Jungle Green Salad | black Rice | Pomegranate (vegan on choice)

Hot Thai Papaya Salad | Sweet Potato Mash | Tuna



Magical raw Chocolate Tarte with Vanilla Ice Cream

Miracle raw Cheesecake surprise | Passion Fruit | salted Caramel Ice Cream

vegan Carrot Cake | hot Apple | Cinnamon Sabayon

Pomegranate Champagner Soup | Strawberry | magical Sorbet

Champagne 20 USD

Prosecco 10 USD

Transport & Handling Fee 30 - 50 USD (depend on effort)