The zero point field is infinite, intelligent, and Loving. Tapping into this field goes far beyond the potential benefits of physical

The ZERO point is your true lifeline.

It is possible to experience Heaven on Earth, but the process requires completion. The Illusion of Separation that we experience as physical reality MUST be sent back to Source, through the gateway of the Heart, for "correction" or completion.

This process is very similar to how our eyes work. Light passes through the lens of the eye and an upside down image is projected onto the back of the eye. This upside down, two dimensional image must be processed or completed by the brain, into a 3D rightside up holographic image in the mind. 

But it is still not complete. The 3D holographic image created by the brain still consists of Illusion of Separation. We know this because we experience feelings of fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, hatred, despair, and so on.

To complete the process, we must send these ideas, images and feelings BACK TO SOURCE for correction and completion. And we do this by creating and maintaining a state of "heart coherence", what some might call an "open heart", and allowing Source to transform our fear based beliefs and perceptions with the original Love based Truth.


Looking at the big picture implications for our human and planetary evolution, in metaphysical terms - Zero Point has been described by Gregg Braden as the point where the Shift of the Ages occurs.  One could extrapolate from this that it is the ground state of potential for choosing to live in this golden age of consciousness. We all maximize our ability to create the foundations of this golden era, now in its infancy by entering the Zero Point energy field.  


If you decide to play in the Zero Point field, you will have another perhaps more powerful and  effective  tool you can  use to enhance your physicality, and mental functions, your spirituality and higher conscious divine living.  It is another way to conceptualize connecting with Oneness, the Source of All That IS - creator energy and easily actualize your preferred reality.