Diana Krauß is an international foodstylist, TV chef,  healer of the first light, medium, yoga teacher, spiritual teacher and music enthusiast.

Diana was born 1983 in Germany. 

2003 she finished the education as a 5 star gourmet chef at Schlosshotel Wolfsbrunn in Hartenstein (GER).

In 2006 Diana used to work in many high class restaurants all over the world. In 2008 she cooked for the Swiss national male team at the olympic games in Peking, Roger Federer including. Diana is also participant and guest in many international tv cooking shows and growed up her own company and career in Switzerland as a Foodstylist and private Chef. 

After an intense transformative spiritual experience Diana  has direct access to the power of god and higher realms, working with angels and the energy of the Ray 1 beings. This combination  allows her to create magical moments for all senses and heal from within.


My Mission is to unlock your inner magic and remember who you really are. We have to come back to our hearts, our senses, our power, ourselves, to create a fullfilled life of love and bliss.


The more senses we connect, the more we feel and if we feel more we start to live.


endless love

💜Diana in

your wings are already exist, all you have to do is to fly